Butterpourri: Let me put the kid on

Agent Butters
Agent Butters

Good news. I recently solved the problem of being forced to talk to people’s children on the phone. Everyone at some point has called someone to talk to them only to have them place their precious 3 year old on the phone so they can coach them to say hi. “Say hi Butters, can you say Hi, say Hi say it its Butters say hi Butters.” How cute, right?

I love it when I need to talk to someone and I have to take 3 minutes to listen to their child breathe into the phone and mommy and or daddy talking to them in the background. it’s awesome. Here is the thing, though. Kids that age are learning to talk and they often repeat things they hear. I know this to be true, otherwise the dotig dads and moms wouldn’t put them on the phone unless they were showing off like they just taught their dog a new trick.

So it’s best to use this new found parroting skill to your advantage. Just keep repeating adopted enough times eventually the child will say “adopted” out loud and sure enough I can almost guarantee the parent will grab the phone back from the child. From there simply say “boy that was wierd I wonder where that word came from” and carry on your conversation.

Your welcome. 🙂

Agent Butters

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