Agent Danuuc

Agent Danuuc
Agent Danuuc


AKA: DaaaaannnnnnuuuuuucccC, Mr. Heather, Danuuc of DaNorth, Chief “Walks On Giant Foot-Shoes” and The Great White Danuuc.

AGE: 30

SEX: Tucked to the left.

MODIS OPERANDI: Giving the “establishment” the “business.” Posing for blurry pictures whiled dressed as a Sasquatch.

BACKGROUND: Agent Danuuc found fame early on in life when he won the hit reality show, “Survivoir: Ohio.” Fame was like a drug to Danuuc and he was determined to make it last more than a measly 15 minutes. He got his “fix” by appearing on every reality show he could. He had successful appearances on several hit shows including: “The Deadliest Catch”, “Dancing With Who In the Hell Thinks these People are ‘Stars’”, and “Tripping the Rift.” But, even after all that he was still “Jonesing” for more. He wanted the ultimate fix. He wanted to be on “The Pyramid Game.” Problem being: it hadn’t been on television for years. The space-time continuum was not going to slow Danuuc down. He quickly began construction of a time-machine. Work was nearly complete when tragedy struck; Danuuc was performing a routine calibration of the phase-deviater, when he made the mistake of Microwaving a potato for a snack at the same time as realigning the electrolyte-buffers. The resulting blast destroyed his work and gave Danuuc a massive dose of Class-5 Ultra-Death Mega-Kill Radiation… which, despite it’s name is a very bad form of radiation.

The radiation blast awakened a beast inside the gentle giant of Danuuc (also the radiation made his hair fall out, hence the dew rag). That beast hungered for one thing; to tell jokes. Danuuc spent the next few years wandering the Iowan countryside; scaring small woodland creatures and making people laugh. There was, of course, a terrible side-effect. You could not make Danuuc laugh. In fact, you wouldn’t like him if he laughed.

Oddly enough, that terrible predicament was easily solved by befriending Agent Collateral Damage. The two teamed-up and helped form Comics In Action. Along with others, CIA has became a juggernaught of off-the-cuff hilarity, the likes of which had been seen several times before, but this time, it was really good.

LAST KNOWN LOCATION: In his garage trying to finish unlocking the human genome.