Agent Freckles

Agent Freckles

AGENT NAME: Freckles

AKA: Sarah Michaels, Look at Those, and Cleavage.

AGE: Not really sure but, certainly younger than any other CIA Agent.

SEX: Female.

MODUS OPERANDI: Settling back, watching the rest of the CIA Agents make fools of themselves… before wreaking havoc upon the troupe, forcing them to get their collective SH$T together!

BACKGROUND: Born of a frivolous band of Gypsies, Agent Freckles began her life much as one would assume from a frivolous “Band of Gypsies”… a trapeze artist. Unable to achieve the “Triple-Double Somersault Back-Handed Double-Engender Mid-Air Catch,” Agent Freckles was soon banned from the Circus… finding local employment with the local Iowa Health Industry.

LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Somewhere West of Cedar Rapids. We could inform you of a more exact location… but, we’d have to kill you. 🙂


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