Agent Wastaman


Agent Wastaman

AGENT NAME: Wastaman

AKA: Wasta, “Phil’s wily brother”

AGE: Punk.

SEX: Ability to attract women that boggles the mind.

MODUS OPERANDI: Annoying habit of reading Agent Collateral Damage’s mind during the game ‘Chain Murder’.

BACKGROUND: One of the original cast members of Comics In Action (and most outspoken), Agent Wastaman (along with Agent Krypto) moved to Los Angeles to locate Agent LB…who had moved to L.A. some months before. We haven’t seen him since.

LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Starbucks (L.A., California)

LATEST PROJECT: Sackers: The Movie

UPDATE Jan. 6, 2006: Agent Wastaman has returned and we ate his minstrels……and there was much rejoicing.

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