Audio Propaganda

Below is the initial “promotional” audio clip we had developed back in the day when we thought it would be rather cheap for it to get any airplay on local radion stations Boy, were WE wrong. 🙂 We call it the “Jibberish” clip… and it is still our favorite.


Next, is the “We are professionals” promotional clip we developed from a rather raucous evening at the former “Hilltop Bar & Grill” in Mt. Vernon, IA. It was “scrobbled” together from a improvisational segment we call, “Advice.”


Comics in Action had the opportunity to do several “LIVE ON THE AIR” shows at KRNA while Tommy Lang was in charge of their morning show. This was the initial introduction of doing our “Press Conference” game over the radio airwaves. It’s still pretty funny. 🙂


This is a second version of “Press Conference” that we did LIVE on KRNA with Tommy Lang a couple months later. Still a favorite. Guess who Agent Danuuc is for this one. Spiderman… enjoy. 🙂


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