Rockin’ Oelwein Part 2

P0001558-300x200Agent Spoon informs me of Thursday’s 2nd Comics In Action show in Oelwein as follows:

When you can’t get enough CIA, why not come back for a second serving of Eastern Iowa’s premier improv group? Child Care Resource and Referrals welcomed back our childlike — but never childish — agents for another performance this Thursday. The show began with Agent Butters attempting to get a date from a Abraham Lincoln, a stuttering spider, and Pee Wee Herman. (Don’t worry, we didn’t learn about Pee Wee’s playhouse. It was a family show after all.) In the marshmallow game, we learned that “goats” sounds a lot like “boats” when you are trying to talk and asphyxiate at the same time. And who really can get enough of 185? Not me, that’s who! Special thanks to Tiffany who risked life and limb in Chain Murder. I swear she said she was 21!

Seriously though, we’d love to see you all again. Can you say “third show?”