New Bohemia Group Fund-Raiser

Comics In Action performs for the New Bohemia fundraiser
Comics In Action with New Bohemia president, Jim Jacobmeyer (far right) and Kay Halloran (center), mayor of Cedar Rapids

Much thanks to our fans and friends in Cedar Rapids and especially the New Bohemia group for inviting us to perform Friday, Sept. 18th for their fund-raiser at The African-American Museum just across the river from Czech Village. We had a blast.

The biggest laugh of the night probably came from Agent Collateral Damage’s inability to guess “doctor’s visit to treat a bear-shaped rash on his face” as the reason for being late for his bachelor party during the game of “Excuses.”

The biggest thanks of all goes out to Jim Jacobmeyer, president of New Bohemia. Hope we get to “play” together again soon. 🙂 Check out some of the pictures we took that night.

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