Improv + Bowling = Funny

Donmar Lanes
Donmar Lanes

Much thanks to the folks at Lisbon High School, who brought us out to Mt. Vernon’s Donmar Lanes for their Post-Prom Extravaganza.

It was quite the night, as we didn’t get started until shortly after midnight. We tried to keep it to an hour-long performance, but we simply couldn’t stop… going until at least 1:30AM. Talk about TIRED?! Yeah, we certainly were exhausted… but in a really good way.

My hat’s off to Agent Danuuc, Steakums, Pickles and Freckles for weathering the late night and having a lot of fun. My favorite bit from the night came from “Worlds Worst Physical Fitness Instructor”: Hi, my name is John Goodman! Of course, it was MY joke, but you should have seen the shades I was wearing at the time. I could have doubled for him in “The Big Lebowski”. 🙂

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