Wilton High School Improv Seminar

(Wilton, IA) – Golly Gee Whiz, that was a lot of fun. Our intrepid agents took on our most daunting task ever, finding Wilton, IA. Sure we may have gotten lost once or twice but we did make it. With 2 minutes to spare I might add. We need to give a huge thanks to the Wilton PTA for inviting us to help with the Improv Seminar. And a big hug to Ms. Arp and her fantastic students. They were great. Oh and don’t forget to thank Agent Spoon for furthering the s-e-x education on high school students. Of course I don’t mean in a bad illegal way, I mean in a bad needs to watch what he says on stage kinda way. We surely had a blast performing with Tara, Dana, Nathan, Molly, Marcus, Jennifer, Courtney, Sarah, Kayla, Erin, and Collin.

Did I forget anybody? They were great, we were great, it was great.