Iowa City Saturday Night Free Movie Series

Saturday Night Film Night in Iowa City
Saturday Night Film Night in Iowa City
(Iowa City, IA) – Big thanks to all of our friends in Iowa City, The James Gang, MC Ginsberg, The Englert Theater, West Music and the Bijou Theater for inviting us to provide the pre-movie entertainment. We’ve performed at The Mill in Iowa City a bunch of times, but this was the first time we had performed our version of high-energy improv comedy LIVE and “out in the open” in front of the Pentacrest.

The James Gang has been orgainizing all summer a series of late-night movies that they’ve been showing on a big-screen out in front of the Pentacrest. They were playing ‘Sandlot’ the night we performed. It’s a great little flick.

Everyone was concerned that the weather would get nasty, but fortunately, everyone ignored the local weather-men and sat on the front lawn anyway… and guess what? The weather was awesome and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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