(Upward Bound, Iowa City and George Reeves Memorial Festival, Woolstock, IA) – Look! Up on the stage! It’s a high-school student! It’s Superman! No, it’s Comics In Action! And what a busy weekend we’ve had.

On Friday, it was up, up, and away with the students and faculty of Upward Bound at the University of Iowa campus. We had a great time teaching the kids about improv comedy. Big thanks to Upward Bound’s Man-Of-Steel, Josh, for playing chain murder with us. By the way, Upward Bound, a fish with a ‘blow hole’ is called a whale.
I’m just saying…

Saturday, we proved we’re not afraid to go the distance for a fun crowd — all the way to the bustling metropolis of Woolstock, Iowa. Comics In Action was honored to be the headlining act for the George Reeves Memorial Festival , and what an experience that was! While we delivered faster-than-a-speeding-bullet improv comedy show, our audience had a few things to teach us as well.

For example, Brad and Alex taught us that you can’t save every sea cow; Steven helped our hero, Captain Eggman, save the Titanic; and Brittany demonstrated that if you can’t remember the murder weapon in chain murder, just make it a Japanese fan and nobody will know the difference. I can honestly say that a “super” time was had by all.

Yep, it was a busy weekend for Comics In Action, but the groups we performed for made it all worth it. Thanks, guys!