Comics In Action: LIVE at The Bohemian Cafe & Pub

cia-poster-11x17-final-734x1024After several years on the Corporate Event circuit, the quick-witted improv of Comics In Action is back at The Bohemian in the Cedar Rapids Czech Village district.

The Bohemian Cafe & Pub is located in the heart of Czech Village and one of the many establishments re-opening following the Cedar Rapids Flood of 2008. Several businesses, like ArBuckles Tatoo Parlor, have already closed shop and setup somewhere else. However, the potential for success is, quite frankly, up to those who partake in the unique experience that is Czech Village. So, this show is more of a “Get Your Butt to Czech Village if you Value your City” kind of performance. We’ll take tips, but other than that, this show will be entirely FREE!!!

The particular’s for the show are below:

  • Friday, June 26, 2009 (8:00pm – 10:00pm)
  • The Bohemian Cafe & Pub
  • 95 16th Ave. SW
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Come on down and help support Czech Village. You’ll feel SOOO much better about it.


Agent Collateral Damage

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