Review: Comics In Action at The Bohemian

The Bohemian: Agent Danuuc and Steakums
The Bohemian: Agent Danuuc and Steakums

It is difficult to describe how much fun we had at The Bohemian Cafe & Pub on June 26, 2009. Why? It’s been so long (at least 3 -4 years) since we’ve had a public performance. Since then, we’ve been doing our thing for corporate gigs. The pay is GREAT! But, it sure leaves our fans “in the dirt”. Know what I mean?

We go there early in order to have a decent meal. Let me tell you, the food served at The Bohemian is TOP NOTCH!. The salads were great and the burgers were served with more french-fries than a normal human being would know what to do with. Even my son had trouble stuffing-down the meal in front of him: and he’s 17 years old.

However, 25 minutes before we were to start, the entire building was evacuated by the Cedar Rapids Fire Department because of a possible fire that may have started in the basement. It took and hour for the authorities to clear the building and the only explanation was a vent that accidently sucked-in smoke from a small fire in a nearby window-well. The cause: Somebody kept throwing burnt-out cigarrets in the afore-mentioned window-well.

So, how was the show? Freakin’ Awesome! Even though we had to cut our set by a half-hour, the show was a success.

BIG kudos go out to Bridget Casey, the Owner/Operator, at The Bohemian. Without her support, we would have never been able to pull off such a rousing success… and that’s a fact, Jack!

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