Butterpourri (It’s back, baby)

Agent Butters
Agent Butters

That’s right! After a long hiatus, ‘Butterpourri’ is back on the net. (and the crowd roars…..I said roar, dang it) What’s ‘Butterpourri’ some might ask?(or in reality, ALL might ask) It’s a blog of sorts, even though I promised my Great Aunt Mildred on her death bed that I would never get caught up in blogging.

Basically it’s various thoughts, musing, or just things that I (Agent Butters) think of during the day. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s whimsical, but most of the time it’s really rather scary that these are the kinds of things I think of during the course of a day. So enjoy I’ll put my first thought up when I have some. So check back often and see what’s up.

Agent Butters
your lord and savior of zesty flavor

One thought on “Butterpourri (It’s back, baby)

  • Thank, Agent Butters. To quote an awesome band, “It’s been a long time, been a long time…”

    We are glad and honored to have this segment back.

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