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Agent Butters
Agent Butters

Well, I had promised everyone a story about Lent and all that happy stuff, and I did write something that I thought was fairly funny. I’m not going to lie. It was a very dark comedy, and under the advisement of one Agent Collateral Damage, I did not post it so that I would not offend anyone. He’s probably right. I sent him a draft of the first installment and he “poo-pooed” it, so I didn’t post it. He said it would offend people because of the content. I agree this is no place to make anyone mad over something that is totally meant as a joke.

Even though the final chapter was a really upbeat and happy free-for-all (it’s title was “How Jesus Got his Groove Back” ), most of it was pretty unfriendly to Catholics. So I will not post it on the website. However if you are really interested in it for a laugh, just email me and I’ll send you a copy. bcbodie1978@yahoo.com.

So in place of the Ash Wednesday column, you get this boring dribble:

What’s in Butters MP3 player Today?

  • Linkin Park : bleed it out
  • Korn : evolution
  • Buck Cherry : Crazy @#$&*
  • Finger Eleven : paralyzer
  • Weird Al : white and nerdy
  • Unknown : hoedown music
  • Korn : make me bad
  • and always on Air Supply : all out of love

Man, I love Air Supply. 🙂

~Agent Butters