CUNA Mutual Insurance Group’s CRAZY I.T. Department

P0001558-300x200Here’s a note from Agent Spoon regarding Thursday’s performance in Waverly, Iowa:

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the Server Room, the Comics In Action improv comedy troupe was there! Who would have thought CUNA Mutual’s IT Department would be such a great audience? From shopping for a TV that only shows ‘deer eating’, to a press conference with Jack Nicholson (or was it Jack Palance, Danuuc?), to a fantastic closer of ‘Soap Opera Cards’; our agents did what they do best — make audiences laugh.

By the way, Marguerite: How did you get so good at Chain Murder anyway?

Again, I would like to thank Marguerite for inviting us to perform. My apologies to both Marguerite and Margarette for mixing up their names. Apparently, my prescription had not kicked in yet. I am very sorry.

It was really good to see Agent Wastaman performing again. We haven’t seen him for a while as he has been busy with college at the University of Northern Iowa. Thanks, Agent Wastaman, for coming on out. We sincerely hope to see more of you in the coming year.