KCRG A-List: Second only to an actual comedy club

Thanks to everyone who voted for Comics In Action during KCRG’s A-List promotion. We came in 2nd to Penguins Comedy Club in Cedar Rapids, which is an honorable feat. The best part (I believe) is that we beat another comedy club in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area. I think we should book more shows in Cedar Falls. Perhaps the residents need a good old-fashioned shot of hilarity.

One of the best aspects of being involved with Comics In Action is the audience. Don’t get me wrong. I love hanging out with my fellow improv comedians, but being on-stage when the crowd is rolling with laughter simply takes the cake. For those of you have been dying for us to do another public gig, your cries have not gone un-noticed. We are working on it.

Now, get back to work! We have two gigs at Coe College in Cedar Rapids this weekend and we are busy getting ready. Release the hounds!