Coe College: Not once, but TWICE

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would like to extend a warm thank-you to the folks at Coe College for inviting us to perform two nights in a row. The entire Comics In Action staff had a wonderful time and we sincerely hope that you did as well.

The first performance was an SAC event, while the second night was their Up-All-Night fund-raiser. Our sincerest apologies to the Up-All-Night crew as we were unaware you had begun your speeches when we found the Guitar Hero Wii setup (which oddly enough, one of our Agents is an employee of the group that did that particular port of the game).

We had an awesome time both nights. I brought out the digital camera for the first performance at ‘The Pub’ and was not disappointed with the results. As a recap for the game, we performed on of our favorites, ‘Interrogation’, with Agent Servo as the hapless interrogatee (if that’s a word). Agent’s Danuuc and Mojo interrogated the poor fellow over his thoughtless crime of getting caught for ‘public intoxication’ with none-other than the often maligned Michel Jackson in mystical land of Narnia. You’ll just have to watch the clip below:



This just in from Agent Spoon regarding the ‘Up-All-Night’ event:

No sleep ’til CIA! Our agents had a rare opportunity to spend an evening saluting those who work so hard fund raising for St. Judes at Coe’s ‘Up All Night’ celebration. We also found out in our Genre Scene replay game that people in France spend a lot of time smoking in their films. Thanks for being such a great audience and keep up the good work that you do, gang!