A Good Weekend

Agent Collateral Damage says, "Aaarrrgh."I, Agent Collateral Damage, spent Friday night as the ‘voice’ of Riff Raff Theater during their LIVE performance of Bruce Willis’ first feature film, Die Hard, at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City.

Our friend, Bryan Humphrey, was around snapping pictures for his portfolio ALL NIGHT LONG. I’m not sure he even watched the movie. I guess he can rent it sometime. But, I think he’s missing the point.

It was an awesome show and the RRT guys even let me host an improv game of “Chain Murder” during the intermission. A game that is always a crowd pleaser. After the show, we all chilled-out at The Java House and had one-too many cups of coffee. Ah, but that Java House Coffee is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good. 🙂