We Have a Winner! Upright Citizens Brigade Tickets

That’s right. At least SOME people are brave enough to show their never-dying love for your truly, Comics In Action. It was a the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was a hard-fought, slug-out-to-the-death-match fight of INSURMOUNTABLE ODDS!

…and I should shut-up right now.

Yes! Back to our little contest… who won? Well, honestly we could only give away two tickets. I KNOW! We HAD four to begin with, but most (I mean MANY) people were either toobashful or simply wouldn’t play along… and that will not STAND, MAN!

Here’s our winners for the Upright Citizen Brigade performance at The Englert this Saturday Night are:

Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell: Noooo!
Bani Kinnison: I will never forget...
Bani Kinnison: I will never forget…

Honestly! We’re ashamed! These two wonderful people are gonna go see the Upright Citizens Brigade for FREE! One of the best improvisational comedy touring troupes! You know Amy Poehler? Yeah! She’s a former member. Well… I don’t know if they kicked her out when she got famous… but, that’s not the point!

We hope Greg and Bani have a wonderful time. We can’t wait to hear how much they liked/dis-liked the show. 🙂