“Cabin Fever Comedy Festival” Photos from Mt. Vernon-Lisbon

Giving insturctions for SoundFXAs I’d mentioned to Joe Jennison, following our hosting/judging of the “Funniest Person in Mt. Vernon-Lisbon” competition on Saturday, March 24th… We Had a Blast!

It was difficult to put a finger on what EXACTLY was the single-most reason WHY we had so much fun. Was it the audience? Was it the performance space? Was it the volunteers? Was it the laughter? Was it the numerous “thank you’s” we received following our show on March 23rd? Was it the many mis-uses of the word “chum” during the game, Exit Strategy? Was it the pained look on Agent Rutabega’s face during the game, Chain Murder? Was it the mere occupation suggestion of “Toe Nail Sorter?” Was it the extended version of the game, Sound FX?

Honestly? It was all of the above. 🙂 Here’s some photos from before, during and after the show.

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Agent Collateral Damage

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