Awesome Night at Cranky Hank’s Pizza

CIA Improv at Cranky Hank's PizzaI don’t know. Was it the fact that I’d banged my head on the same ceiling lamp for the 2nd time? Was it the fact that one of Comics In Action’s founders, Chris Hanel, found the time to attend before moving out to California? Was it the fact that an enclave of talented Spectacle Improv students from Coe College came out to watch? Was it the fact that I, Agent Collateral Damage, killed the audience with probably the finest episode of “Excuses” anyone from the Corridor has ever had the chance to participate? Was it the fact that friends we hadn’t seen at our shows in months, had made the time to come out and enjoy a good night of improv comedy?


Most certainly, it was a fusion; a fusion of improv, friends and audience that made the night the spectacle that it was. If you weren’t there… then you missed it… and you missed it BIG. 🙂

Our hat’s off to Cranky Hank’s Pizza and to our audience. You all rocked!

Agent Collateral Damage

Initially, I describe myself the following way: I am the divorced father of Jared and Haley, Master of Entropy, Spokesman for Comics In Action, member of Riff Raff Theater, WordPress Web Developer, Programmer and IT Support Specialist.