Famous Last Tweets

buddychrist-400x300Jesus Christ. @What_Would_I_Do
Have a good Friday everyone! 😉 I’m gonna hang with my dawg, Judas #yolo

Abe Lincoln. @big_bad_Abe_dad
Wife drug me to a play. #supergay

Hindenburg Captain. @airship1
About to land the ‘burg’. Where my bitches at? #letssparkthisdoobie

Marie Antoinette. @Mariefrenchy
Just got a kicken’ new scarf on clearance. 🙂

Nirvana. @curt cobain
Just chilling at home tonight. Gonna clean my new shot-gun. Courtney comin’ over tonight. 🙂

John F Kennedy. @iberliner
Got the top down and we be cruising!!! 🙂

Steve jobs. @ipodman
Stupid assholes will buy anything I sell them. Llollollol ;p

Ghengis Khan. @wallstopped
I made $360.99 last week working from home saybit/2$%54.com

Darth Vader. @thee_dark_lord
Another crappy “take your son to work” day #notgettingaraisenow

Saddam Hussein. @mother_of_all_twitters
I didn’t win the Bagdad Olympics in hide-n-seek… for not knowing how to hide in a hole. 🙁

Helen Keller. @gobbilty-gook

General Custer. @calvaryman
More like ‘Bow and Shmarrow’… 🙂 #indianburn

Thomas Jefferson. @jungle_fever
I can buy half a Continent from France, but I can’t get a cellphone without a huge deposit? WTF?

Edgar Allen Poe. @eddiepoet
I’m just a Poe boy, nobody loves me. lol 🙂