Butterpourri: 25 things you can do on a rainy day

Agent Butters
Agent Butters

It’s cold and it’s rainy out today. Don’t be bored take a tip from me and try something off my rainy day list.

  1. Watch a movie.
  2. Read a book
  3. Crochet a stylish, yet sophisticated neckerchief
  4. Play a board game
  5. Plan a fake wedding
  6. Update your Facebook profile
  7. Cancel your fake wedding citing that your fiancee had been unfaithful, but think it would be tacky to return any wedding gifts that were already purchased
  8. Attempt to write a poem
  9. Prove theory: Existence of a shooter on the grassy knoll
  10. Get a head start on your Christmas cards. It’ll save time down the road
  11. Pirate some music and movies off the internet
  12. Start a stamp collection
  13. Learn needle point
  14. Start smoking
  15. See a play: preferably one staring Agent Mojo
  16. Throw away all those underwear with holes in them, unless you’re like me and thats all you have. In that case start with #13
  17. Plan a surprise birthday for a friend. To add to the surprise, hold it 2 months before their birthday. That should throw them off
  18. Prank call Agent Bravo
  19. Learn Spanish
  20. Move to Mexico, then sneak back across the border to see what all the fuss is about
  21. Make a corn husk doll
  22. Prank text Agent Bravo
  23. Catch up on back installments of Butterpourri
  24. Send $10 to Agent Butters
  25. Take a nap

~Agent Butters

*Editors Note: Comics In Action does not condone pirating copyright material.