The 2016 Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Post Show Breakdown


Well, THAT was fun. 🙂

Ken Van Egdon aka Dr. Frank-N-Furter, tries on his new cape. :)
Ken Van Egdon aka Dr. Frank-N-Furter, tries on his new cape. 🙂

So, Comics In Action just finished the 8th Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show film screening at The Englert Theatre this last Saturday, October 29, 2016. It was a another grand night, as we packed the space, yelled at the screen, threw confetti, tossed toast and all the necessary items at the screen and other participants (read: audience members).

First, allow us to extend our collective “Thank You so VERY Much!” to the entire staff at The Englert Theatre: Andre P., Sarah S., Aly H., Claire B., … and as always, Kent Smith (Head Usher) … All of you have been exceptionally fantastic to work with. Honest. 🙂

Since we ‘cramped’ the space, we suppose you’d like to see the line out front? Well, here’s what it looked like. 🙂




Following that… we introduce the film and simply enjoy the audience. 🙂




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