Taking a trip to Planet X

ComicsInAction(Cedar Rapids, Iowa) – Wow! Talk about one of the loudest environments that Comics In Action has ever performed in. You know, that was the first time several of us had even stepped foot into Planet X and it was an experience. I wish we would have been there sooner so that Agent Danuuc and I could have played a couple rounds of ‘MOON’ Miniature Golf.

A Big thanks to Planet X for having us out, though…. and to all those Agent Butters fans that were hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite Comics In Action agent …. sorry, he had to go to his actual job at [bleep].

Agent Collateral Damage

Initially, I describe myself the following way: I am the divorced father of Jared and Haley, Master of Entropy, Spokesman for Comics In Action, member of Riff Raff Theater, WordPress Web Developer, Programmer and IT Support Specialist.