Comics In Action perform for Cedar County Stoplight Players on April 14, 2007

ComicsInAction-620x300Nothing is more hysterical than nearly missing a performance for the second time for the same people. HA HA HA HA HA!

A couple years ago, we performed for the Cedar County Stoplight Players (who named their company after the sole stoplight in Tipton, Iowa) for their annual awards ceremony. In 2005, When Agent Satyrboy (Abe Peterka) looked at the map, we figured “Hey. It’s only a few inches away from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It should only take us 45 minutes to get there.” Unbeknown to us, it was a little more than 45 minutes away. It was more like an hour and a half. We got there just in time and the crowd loved us anyway.

So, this time we planned for a long drive, however we had received a bit of rain in eastern Iowa several days before. Now, Agent Rutabega was hauling several Agents in his car when he get stuck on a ‘B’ grade road. By the time they got to the show, they were covered from head-to-toe in mud.

Those guys sure can clean up.