Ossian 15 Year Class Reunion

ossian-iowaI don’t recall Comics In Action performing anywhere in Iowa that was as pretty as our trip to the Ossian 15 Year Class Reunion. Seriously, that was by far the most gorgeous drive we have ever taken. From where we are located (in Cedar Rapids), the trek took us off the typical interstate route and through several grades of two-lane Iowan highway. No sooner had we gotten within 15 miles of Ossian, that the ground swelled up from underneath us and engulfed us in rich layers of rocks and trees. You could hardly tell that off in the distance was acres of farmland. It was picturesque to say the least.

The drive was great. The audience was awesome and they absolutely loved Agent Rutabega, who performed a fine game of ‘Press Conference’. We had one of the finest times with some of the finest people we have NEVER performed in front of before. I can’t wait to see the photos that Agent Danuuc took during the show.