Comedy ain’t easy

The Zen of ImprovAs the troupe warmed-up this afternoon (gearing up for another performance tonight out in Tipton, IA), one of the guys asked a rather interesting question.

“How do you rehearse improv?”


I really don’t know. We all know the games, but there are always quirks or snags in every performance that cause us to step-back and attempt to determine WHY something went awry. How do you rehearse improv? I guess you just keep swinging the bat. You try something different. You attempt another approach.

Comedy ain’t easy. It takes a lot of work. I guess that’s why we’ve been around for so long. We just keep swinging the bat until something sticks.

BIG props out to the gang as they make their way out to Tipton, IA tonight. Myself and Agent Mojo will be performing/working for a Dreamwell Theatre performance of “An Enemy of the People”. I did the sound design and am running the sound board for the show.

Everyone! Break a leg!

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