Good Night for Improv…and then some


Some of the ‘Original’ Comics In Action gang: Chris Hanel, Dennis Lambing, Josh Wasta and Dave Atwater (Left to Right)

Just dropping a brief line to all our improv fans and fans of theater in general.

Got word late tonight that the Comics In Action gig for the Cedar County Stoplight Theater group out near Tipton, IA was a big hit. This marks the fourth performance for them since our debut in 2001. Even though Agent Mojo and myself were involved in Dreamwell Theater’s production of “An Enemy of the People”, our hearts went out to our fellow Agents.

Agents Steakums filled in for my typical “Master of Ceremonies” role and from what I understand, everything went smashingly well.

Hopefully, this will give me the opportunity to perform (rather an MC all the time).

Here’s to hoping. 🙂