Artists’ Recovery Fund and Comics In Action

UI Artist Recovery Fund

So. You want to know what all the hush-hush has been about the last few months? Well, I’ll tell ‘ya.

Comics In Action has teamed-up with Greg Brown, Nikki Lunden, Bill Peterson, the UI Juggling Team, the UI student-lead Paperback Rhino improv troupe and The University of Iowa COGS to perform at Old Brick in Iowa City on November 13th for what will be a series of performances whose proceeds will ALL go to the Artist Recover Fund. Whhhhewwww. Let’s all step back and take a breath. Yeah. That’s a mouth-full.

What began as a simple concept, has now become physical and there’s no denying it: This will be BIG!

From the press release:

The Artists Recovery Fund is a charitable gift fund started by graduate students at the University of Iowa and assisted by members of the Campaign to Organize Graduate Students (COGS)/UE Local 896 after hearing of the estimated 50-75 students who lost tools, instruments,and artwork in the summer’s floods. Affected University of Iowa student artists and musicians will be able toapply for money to replace their tools and instruments starting in January, 2009.

…on the evening of November 13 will feature Iowa folk musician Greg Brown, the improv comedy troupe Comics in Action, local songwriters Bill Peterson and Nikki Lunden, and members of the UI Juggling Club. Ticket prices are $25 before and $30 the day of the performance.

Tickets are available at these locations:

  • The Chait Galleries, 218 E. Washington St., Iowa City, 319-338-4442
  • West Music, 1212 5th St, Coralville, 319-351-2000
  • The COGS Office in Old Brick, Iowa City, 319-337-5074

For more information, check out the press release.