Rocking Delaware County Historical Society’s House


p0001540-300x200Just got back from the Delaware County Historical Society’s Variety Show in Hopkinton, Iowa. What a fun show. Not only did Agent Bravo and Agent Spoon get hit-on by nearly every woman there, but Comics In Action totally had a blast during the show. What really made my night, was the fact that Agent Wastaman was able to pull himself away from his collegiate duties and perform with us as well.

I think the real crowd-pleaser was the episode of ‘Double Endowment’, where Agent Spoon had a heart attack while skydiving at 10,000 feet. That’s not the best part. Agent Bravo had to give him CPR. Priceless, Jerry. Priceless.

Special kudos go out to Cindy Weber, whose email address never really played nice with our Internet Service Provider. I swear. She was never really sure we were actually going to show up. We certainly hope that the Delaware Co. Historical Society can keep up the efforts with repairing Lenox College. It’s such a beautiful campus.

Thanks for having us. We had a blast. We hope you did too.