Cracking the Books at The Independence Public Library

Men in Black, I mean the CIA, with new star, Emily
Men in Black, I mean the CIA, with new star, Emily

Cracking the Books! It’s a joke! Like, “cracking up” or “laughing their binders off”! Ha! Ok. It’s a little lame.

Nevertheless, the jolly folks of Independence, Iowa really enjoyed the show. Originally, we had planned an hour-and-a-half show, but we had so much fun that we went on for nearly two hours. I don’t think anyone displayed any signs of wearing down. From “Chain Murder” with the quite-intelligent Emily, to Agent Butters singing “ballet” and Agent Danuuc’s mastery of the average yo-yo, the entire evening was a LOT of fun for us. Check out more photos from the IPL here.

BTW: Butters? How does one “sing” ballet? I thought it was mostly dancing… but I may be wrong. 🙂

Big thanks go out to Lee Burkhalter, IPL Program Director, and Laura for inviting us and helping us work out all the details. Invite us out again! Please! We’ll work for any good cause you can think of!

My personal favorite line from the evening: “What would Stephen Hawking sound like if he were a girl?”

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